Who we are

We are everyday people just like you. We are busy, we have a lot on our plates, and sometimes we struggle to find the time to clean as much as we would like to. When we come home from a long day at work, the last thing we want to do is spend 2 hours tidying up our homes. Here is where we stand out. We are absolutely obsessed with finding the fastest and most thorough ways to clean our homes. 

We started this site as a way to document the research we do and the experiments we run to optimize our cleaning methods. This is useful for us because we have an easy centralized place to document how we clean everything. We hope that you will find it useful as well – in fact, we are pretty confident you will!

Our philosophy on cleaning

Many of us come from science backgrounds. That means that we love a good experiment! We are constantly experimenting with new cleaning products and techniques to see how they compare. Our mission is to help you find the fastest and most thorough way to clean each part of your house. We also know that new cleaning products are coming out all the time so we are constantly updating our articles with the latest and greatest cleaning products. 

Republishing our materials

We love to share our content with new audiences – we are all about sharing the knowledge! However, there are a few ground rules when it comes to sharing our content. All of the content on our blog is protected under copyright laws. That means that you cannot republish our content without our permission. 

We allow anyone to publish a maximum of one photo per article so long as it is used in a way that promotes our blog. This means that you must credit us for producing the photo or infographic and also include a link back to the original content. You can also publish one short quote (280 characters or less) per article so long as you credit us and link back to the original article. 

Feel free to reach out to us if you want to republish any of our content and are unsure about whether your use case complies with our terms and conditions. Exceptions to our republishing guidelines will be granted on a case by case basis.