The best way to clean glass shower doors

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In this article we tell you everything you need to show about how to clean your glass shower doors. We tell you how to clean your glass shower doors, what products you should use on glass doors, and how often you should clean your glass shower doors. 

How to clean glass shower doors

Why do you need to clean your shower doors?

Why do you need to clean your shower doors? The main reason you need to clean your shower doors is that mold can grow on your shower doors. Mold is not only unsightly, it can also be a health risk. Mold loves to grow in areas that are warm and damp so your shower is an ideal habitat for mold to grow. 

Limescale and soap scum are other issues that might affect your shower doors. Limescale is made of mineral deposits that are left behind after water that was carrying minerals evaporates. Limescale manifests as a white chalky substance that gets caked onto surfaces. Soap scum is a similar substance that is produced when mineral deposits combine with the fats in soap. Soap scum is typically more yellow in color. Limescale and soap scum do not typically present health hazards but they are quite unsightly. 

How often do you need to clean glass shower doors?

How often do you need to clean your shower doors? You should clean your shower doors at least every 2-3 weeks. If mold grows on your shower doors before 2-3 weeks have past then you should clean them more often than that.

There are a few factors that will influence exactly how often you need to clean your glass shower doors. One is the ventilation in your bathroom. If your bathroom is well ventilated with a strong fan or large windows that are often kept open you will be able to go longer between cleanings. If your bathroom is not well ventilated you will need to clean it more frequently. 

Frequency of use will also affect how often your glass shower doors need to be cleaned. If your shower is used frequently by multiple people then the shower will not fully dry out between uses. This will encourage mold growth. If your shower is used less frequently you will be able to go longer between cleanings. 

Tips for cleaning your shower doors

The trick to cleaning shower doors is to make sure that any crud that is built up on your shower doors is loosed up before you start scrubbing your shower doors. This will help you clean more efficiently and effectively. 

  • Pre wet your shower doors. Run the shower for a few minutes or use a bucket to dump water down the side of your shower doors prior to trying to clean the doors. This helps to loosen up crud on your shower door so it will come off more easily. 
  • Use warm water. Warm water will loosen up some types of soap scum and limescale better than cool water. You should use warm water to wet and clean your shower doors. 
  • Soak your doors in cleaner prior to scrubbing them. Soak your shower doors in cleaning product and allow them to sit for a few minutes prior to scrubbing the doors. This will also help to loosen up and crud that is caked on your shower doors. 

Products for cleaning glass shower doors

Here are some of the most popular products for cleaning glass shower doors. If you have limescale and soap scum built up on your shower doors you are best off using a product that is specifically targeted to remove mineral deposits.
  • CLR. CLR is a cleaning’s product that is specifically designed for dissolving limescale deposits. If you have limescale or soap scum on your glass shower doors then CLR is a good product to turn to help remove these deposits. 
  • Barkeepers friend. Barkeepers friend is another product that is specially formulated to target mineral deposits. This is another product that is useful for cleaning shower doors with buildups of soap scum and limescale. 
  • Dish soap mixed with white vinegar. This is a popular homemade cleaner that is made by combining common household products. Many people swear that a mixture of one part dish soap to one part vinegar helps to remove buildup from their glass shower doors. 
  • Mr. Clean magic eraser. This is another popular cleaning product that can be useful if you are trying to remove soap scum from your bathroom. This product was not designed specifically with mineral deposits in mind but it can be effective in cleaning up glass shower doors with mineral deposits on them.  

More tips for cleaning your bathroom

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